TechAgappe April- June 2019 Edition

I am very happy to announce that the circulation of TechAgappe has increased to 50,000 copies.  The feedback from our readers are very encouraging.  Regular readers of TechAgappe recognise that in previous issues, we used to discuss one particular disease or organ and the articles were of purely technical in nature.  As you can see, this edition is totally different.  Since Agappe is celebrating the Silver Jubilee this year, the nineteenth edition of TechAgappe is proudly dedicated to the success story of Agappe over the past two and half decades.
The first article is the message of our respected Chairman to the Agappe stakeholders, communicating his gratitude for their valuable contribution to make Agappe to this grand scale.  We gratefully acknowledge that this is the first time that our Chairman has contributed an article to the TechAgappe. 
The next article starts with a profile of Mr. Thomas John, Managing Director, Agappe, where he explains the contributions of Agappe to the common man.  He also illuminates the growth chart of Agappe during these years. 
Then comes the article, where the product portfolio of Agappe is elucidated, which covers wide variety of reagents and equipment, most of them being the products of our R&D wing.
In the next article, Mrs Meena Thomas, COO of Agappe discusses the strength and value system of Agappe, which is the foundation of Agappe’s success.
Further, Dr. Vijay Parekh is expressing his passion for innovation, followed by Dr. Satheesh Kumar describing the quality perspective of Agappe in its totality.  Business heads of Domestic and International Business respectively have written two articles enlightening the marketing strategy and sales strength as well as the global presence of Agappe.
We have the Guest of Honour, Dr. Asha Kishore, Director, Sree Chitra Thirunal Institute of Medical Sciences and Technology, Thiruvananthapuram, where she depicts the future of innovation and the significant presence of Agappe in the IVD industry.  We are proud to note that Agappe and SCTIMST have close technical collaboration.
In addition, many of our national and international business partners and well-wishers are sharing their views and experiences about Agappe.
It is our proud privilege to invite each and every stakeholders and associates of Agappe to participate in the Silver Jubilee celebrations, which is being conducted on the 6th April 2019.  In the following pages, the readers could appreciate the great success story of Agappe.

With warm personal regards and wishing a very happy reading.

Dr. D.M. Vasudevan MD, FRCPath
Chief Editor - Techagappe

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