Hematology Equipment

3-Part Hematology Analyzer

A reliable partner in 3 part cell countingMore

3 Part+ Hematology Analyzer

Not just another 3 part analyser but 3 part plus hematology analyser which have smaller 50 micron aperture…More

5-Part Hematology Analyzer

5 Part Analysis RedefinedMore

Auto Hematology Analyzer

WBC 5-part differentiation, 25 reportable parameters and 12 research parameters, 3 histograms and 3…More

Hematology Reagent

Agappe Hematology Reagents

Reagent for BC Series of Hematology Analyzers

Technology roots from world giants Cyanide and azide-free reagents Zero Interference particles which will accurate platelet count Flexi packsMore

Reagent for Mispa count

Cyanide free reagents with zero interference in convenient pack size.More

Reagent for iSED

Easily accessible smart test cards for convenient ESR estimation.More

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