25 years of dedication has made us what we are today, one of the forerunners in the Indian diagnostics industry. We at Agappe are a fast-growing in vitro diagnostics company working with over 300 distributors, and a significant OEM business in domestic and international markets.

World-class manufacturing facility near Cochin, Kerala will take us to the next step of evolution. Built on 200,000 square feet of land, our 80,000 sq.ft., GMP and FDA compliant certified plant is purpose-built for the global and domestic market needs. Agappe is focused on the research, design and production of clinical chemistry reagents.

Agappe in Greek means ‘Divine Love’. And it is with this devotion that we deliver all our products and services. Fully computerized systems, dedicated scientists, end user training, foolproof delivery systems, excellent technical support etc set us apart from the competition.

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The 22nd Annual General Meeting - 14.08.2020

The 22nd Annual General Meeting of the Company held on Friday, the 14th August, 2020  at 11.30 a.m IST through Video Conferencing.  

Message from Chairman

As an adventure steps in to the arena of diagnostic industry our VISION is to establish globally as a premier in-vitro diagnostic corporation and to be the best partner in the diagnostic field for the welfare of mankind.

Our Mission is to expand and continuously improve our products and services with a world class R&D programme and to provide the best work environment for our employees to meet and exceed their true potential and to thrive in a world of excellence.

“Thanks be unto God for his unspeakable gift”

Prof. M.Y. Yohannan

Message from Managing Director

Agappe Diagnostics Ltd has grown from an imports-only business to a totally integrated technology driven Company. Over the years of dedication we have either localized most of the products or acquired technology from Europe and has become a true manufacturer of most of the Clinical Chemistry and Immuno Turbidimetry products. Now we are proud of having our own world class manufacturing facilities and export facilities and a well developed in-house Research and Development team. We envision ourselves to be the future leader in diagnostic industry and provide the best information & services to doctors and patients to make the healthcare industry cater to the needs of our population in a much efficient way.

Our marketing and technical tie ups with several world leaders in diagnostic are ample proof of our dedication and commitment to evolve as the best in the industry. Our ultimate vision is to become a key global player, an Indian MNC wedded to quality products and services matching or exceeding world standards.

Thomas John

Clinical Thinking

We combine our clinical expertise with a deep consciousness of the global quality benchmarks to deliver qualitative products with a clear conception of design and the desired components. We keep our processes flexible and expansive to match every quality parameter so as to produce the best features for our products. Agappe’s management team inspires and motivates its workforce to make itself amenable, accountable, and receptive to customer’s preferences.

Quest For Quality

We strive to be the best partner in in-vitro diagnostics by providing customers with the most up to date innovative and high quality products as well as prompt services.

Our quality control (QC) and quality assurance (QA) department is the  backbone of our processes, and every employee and department stands by them in putting together a great assembly line of products and services.

Our well-qualified and well-experienced QA & QC team works on state-of- the-art IVD and analytical equipment to ensure that each and every raw material and component used in product manufacturing is identified, selected, and tested in a controlled atmosphere.

  • Agappe’s commitment to quality makes it the first Indian company to be certified for ISO 9001:2015 & EN ISO 13485:2016  

  • The quality of the kits that we manufacture is put to global scrutiny by way of participation in international external QA programs. We use multiband controls for releasing each batch of a product.

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