Research At Agappe-Aiming For New Horizons
Agappe Diagnostics Ltd is a leading player in the field of diagnostics in India. Though relatively young the company established itself and carved a niche in the Indian market. The growth of the company is due to the focused and dynamic management, dedicated employees and strategic tie ups. From its inception the management was aware of the need of a strong R&D department. Systematic and focused research activities are crucial for any organization in the long run. This is all the more crucial in the ever changing field of diagnostic market. In the technologically challenging industrial segment a strong research and development team is a must to utilize the potential of advanced technologies. So from the early days of the organization R&D wing got all the support and resources for its functioning. Currently the company is putting more efforts on research and development programmes .

Agappe focuses its research activities in two streams ie. modification of the existing product range and to introduce new technologies in the market through original research. Immunology is one core area where Agappe really trying develop new products. Agappe had tie ups with world renowned medical institutions to develop new technologies for the ever growing diagnostic market. These tie ups help the Scientists at Agappe to know the various diagnostic problems in its original form. The R&D team of Agappe is trying to apply the latest advancements in medical sciences especially in diagnostic techniques. Diagnostic techniques were so advanced that any kit manufacturer has to incorporate these techniques in order to compete in the world market. With this aim in mind Agappe is planning its research activities. The R&D team of Agappe is working hard to rise up to the challenges and effectively support its frontline warriors, the marketing people. As part of this grand scheme a new full-fledged microbiology laboratory with all necessary infrastructural facilities started functioning. Using this state of art facility Agappe is planning to expand its research activities into new segments like immunoturbidimetry, haematology, etc.

Another thrust area of research is the bulk production of antibodies. The production of antibodies and its application in latex based diagnostic technology is actively pursued by the Agappe R&D team. Agappe team had already made notable achievements in this segment.

To sum up R&D at Agappe gives the company a new dimension to the overall profile of the company. The various research activities at Agappe will take the organization to new heights and act as a knowledge bank to the organization. Thus it will effectively act as a catalyst to organizational goal.
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